About AnimalDaily.com

Who We Are

Hey there! 

Anthony here, founder of Animal Daily and a lifelong wildlife enthusiast. 

I've been fascinated with animals since my parents got me a tiny bug catcher with a little magnifying glass window when I was seven, and to this day, I love everything about the natural world. 

What better way to celebrate and share the love than my own blog, I thought to myself one day, and well, here we are!

Our little corner of the web is for anyone who enjoys learning about the amazing creatures around us, from tiny bugs to blue whales. My incredible team and I want to share our passion and curiosity about animals with you.

We come from all walks of life, united by our passion for the natural world. 

Here, we'll dive deep into the quirks of the animal kingdom and explore some of nature's most remarkable secrets. We'll have fun getting to know amazing species while spreading conservation awareness.

Sound good? Then, welcome to the Animal Daily community! So glad you're here. :)

We wear our passions on our sleeve, dedicating countless hours of research for every piece of content. Not that we’re complaining. It’s the best kind of work exploring the most beautiful, ugliest, weirdest, and most awe-inspiring beings on the planet.

What to Expect

  • The nitty-gritty details on those crazy creatures - believe me, nature comes up with some weird and wacky ones!
  • Stories of everyday heroes working to save our furry, feathered, and scaled friends. These folks deserve some recognition!
  • Random bits of animal trivia that'll wow your friends at parties. I'll drop some knowledge bombs on the daily.
  • Tips to keep your pets happy and wildlife safe in your own backyard. We wanna help all animals thrive!
  • Fun quizzes and polls so you can flaunt your animal expertise. Or just take 'em for kicks - no judgment here!

With every entertaining animal post, fascinating fact, or conservation story we share, we get to deepen connections in this special corner of the web. Here, we get to nerd out together over everything from teensy seahorses to mammoth elephants!

And through it all, we never lose sight of our higher purpose: to spark awe for wildlife while bringing more helpers to the conservation cause. 

There's nothing more magical than seeing someone fall in love with animals for the first time - and then rush to protect them. That makes all the long hours so worth it for us! 

So here's to nature in all its weird, wacky, majestic glory! Let's unfold its magic together.

Catch ya soon!

Anthony & the Animal Daily crew